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Newsletter - 04 May 2022


Dear reader,


It is time for new updates from BAMBOO.

The project is currently in the phase of demonstration of the novel technologies and the partners are starting to achieve great results.  It is the case of the mineral sector, where Grecian Magnesites has obtained significant pollutant reduction in their process thanks to the use of a novel burner combined with the cofiring of 50% of the biomass.

In the plant of UPM, of the paper sector, the partners are assessing the different strategies for electric flexibility management and the stability of the grid system when the plant is used as a virtual battery.

The two technologies demonstrated in the steel sector, with ArcelorMittal leading these tasks, are progressing towards their final results. For waste heat recovery, the demo facilities are commissioning for testing the novel High-Temperature Heat Pump, and in the case of the flame monitoring systems, the predictive model has started its phase of validation after the test campaign.

For Petrochemical Sector, the partners are currently assessing the strong requirements to install an ORC in the Tüpras facilities.  The activities from now on will be focused on the replicability of this technology in the petrochemical sector and in other intensive industries.

It is worth mentioning that in this phase of the project, the Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost have also started. They will help to evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of the different developed technologies.

Our last article explored the oil&gas sector to learn how the industry is mitigating carbon emissions through enhancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of their downstream operations.

BAMBOO is also publishing scientific papers to showcase the results achieved. The newest is about waste heat in the steel industry. You can visit our website and download the papers, as well as the public deliverables.

The training programme has started, with the first events presenting the heat pump technology-specific developments at Technical University of Vienna and at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and let me invite you to follow our social networks and keep an eye on the latest news from the world of BAMBOO.

Enjoy your reading!

Jorge Arroyo Villanueva
BAMBOO coordinator – Fundacion CIRCE

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