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Collisional regime during the discharge of a two-dimensional silo

Paper - 29 Apr 2022

The present work reports an investigation into the collisional dynamics of particles in the vicinity of the outlet of a two-dimensional silo using molecular dynamics simulations. Most studies on this granular system focus in the bulk of the medium. In this region, contacts are permanent or long-lived, so continuous approximations are able to yield results for velocity distributions or mass flow.

Experimental Analysis Of Blast Furnace Gas Co Firing In A Semi Industrial Furnace Using Colour Images

Paper - 29 Apr 2022

Technologies for waste stream valorisation can be used to increase the sustainability of intensive industry processes. Within the steel industry, the waste stream of Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) could be valorised through its co-firing in subsequent steel furnaces. Nevertheless, this innovative BFG application needs additional research for its final implementation.

Optimized waste heat utilization in the steel industry with industrial heat pump and low-temperature distribution system

Paper - 20 Jan 2022

To tackle environmental and climate challenges, industry must reduce its emissions, implement energy efficiency and increase flexibility. The steel industry's energy consumption is strongly related to heat pump technologies that produce the necessary amount of heat and steam necessary for steel processing. However, much heat is lost in this process. And what if it could be captured and exploited elsewhere?


Integrated methodology to assess the energy flexibility

Paper - 29 Jul 2021

This paper aims at mapping flexibility strategies and their requirements in the process industry environment. The conception of flex- ibility measures requires a characterization of energy flows, in order to identify hotspots and estimate the flexibility potential. An integrated methodology has been developed with the purpose of supporting investment decisions for a case-study in the paper production sector in Germany.