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Integrated methodology to assess the energy flexibility

- 29 Jul 2021

This paper aims at mapping flexibility strategies and their requirements in the process industry environment. The conception of flex- ibility measures requires a characterization of energy flows, in order to identify hotspots and estimate the flexibility potential. An integrated methodology has been developed with the purpose of supporting investment decisions for a case-study in the paper production sector in Germany.

Enhancing energy flexibility: Paper and pulp case study

- 29 Jul 2021

The paper investigates different flexibility strategies and identifies the requirements for integration in a process industry environment. The analysis is based on a real case-study of the paper production plant UPM, located in Germany.


D2.1 – Benchmarking of available flexibility management tools for REII

Deliverable - 09 Oct 2020

D2.4 – Definition of specifications and data requirements for waste heat recovery analysis

Deliverable - 09 Oct 2020