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D12.5 Mid-term report on communication and dissemination activities

Deliverable - 23 Feb 2023

This report presents BAMBOO communication and dissemination activities and results as well as the methodological approach to assessing such impacts.

D12.3 Project Communication Kit

Deliverable - 23 Feb 2023

The present deliverable gathers all the communication materials produced until the 1st stage of the project.

D12.2 Project website operative

Deliverable - 23 Feb 2023

The BAMBOO website was completed and made operational at the end of December 2018. It contains all institutional information about the project and is intended to be used as the entry point to the BAMBOO project for both the scientific and professional communities and other stakeholders’ categories, including end-users and the general public.

D12.1 Communication and Dissemination plan

Deliverable - 23 Feb 2023

This deliverable addresses the channels and the formats used during the whole project lifespan. They ensured maximum awareness, engagement and uptake between professional stakeholders and the general public.