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Newsletter - 27 Feb 2023

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Dear reader,

After almost 5 years, BAMBOO has come to an end.

The past months were crucial to finalise six pioneering technologies and informing the community about the achievements.

The project can claim the study, the development, or the test of six technologies that can improve the electrical flexibility of the industrial processes, valorise the waste streams and recover the waste heat.

During these last months of the project, the partners have focused in one of the key aspects of the project: replicability.  Beyond its contribution to the technical advance of new technologies in four specific intensive industries, BAMBOO results include the analysis of the potential replication of all technologies in each sector: Steel, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper and Mineral. The partners have studied how these industries are prepared to implement each of the six technologies.  These conclusions will be soon available to the general public thanks to the release of a series of deliverables regarding replicability.

Moreover, the technical results and the potential market of every technology are described in the info-packs, that you can download from our website. In the same section you can find our final brochure, which provides a more general overview of the project, and the Best Practice Book, a collection of lessons learnt during the study, development and test of the technologies.

In the resource section you can find a collection of the scientific papers published by the project. The newest investigate the use of biomass in the magnesia sector to make it carbon-neutral, and the heat recovery measure to decarbonise a steel plant.

And for those who missed the #BAMBOOIndustryMonth, you can find all our webinars in the newsletter and on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for following our project, feel free to contact us for exchanges and collaboration.

Jorge Arroyo Villanueva
BAMBOO coordinator – Fundacion CIRCE


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