Training programmes to bring together industry and the environment

Practical workshops and online seminars starting in October 2021 to improve the energy efficiency and flexibility of heavy industries. For professionals, university researchers and organisations.

Press release - 01 Sep 2021

The intensive use of energy and resources, the conspicuous amount of generated waste and the high emissions rate push the heavy industries under the spotlight for an effective decarbonisation of our economy. The BAMBOO approach to this challenge is based on 3 innovation pillars: waste heat recovery, electrical flexibility and waste-streams valorisation.

To increase energy and resources efficiency and management, new technologies are being developed, tested and validated under real production conditions in four demonstrators in the steel, mineral, petrochemical and paper sectors.

BAMBOO innovative approach includes:

  • valorisation of waste streams and biomass as fuels, to reduce fossil fuel consumption
  • heat pumps and Organic Rankine Cycle, for waste heat recovery to boost energy efficiency and reduce emissions
  • energy flexibility strategies, contributing to decarbonisation, integration of variable renewable energy and sector coupling

To disseminate the project’s results in terms of technological progress and energy efficiency, BAMBOO is organizing a technical training programme addressed to industry experts, universities and other stakeholders involved in achieving the energy transition.

The training will be carried out by BAMBOO partners from October 2021 onward. The workshops will explore the topics of decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries, technologies for e-flexibility, industrial heat recovery systems, biomass logistics and low NOx burners, techno-economic and environmental analysis and lots more.

Training registration will be available soon on BAMBOO website and social media.

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