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Newsletter - 23 Sep 2021


Dear reader,

It is time for new updates from BAMBOO. This is the last year of our project, so in the next twelve months, there will be plenty of articles, news, results and materials to share with you. But now, let’s focus on what we have done so far.

The partners keep working on the implementation of the prototypes that are going to be tested in different demo sites.
We already have had promising results from the first trial in Grecian Magnesite in Yerakini (Greece), where a low NOx burner has been tested.
The prototype of the high-temperature heat pump is being built in the Arcelor Mittal demo site in Asturias (Spain), where the experimental campaign for the training of the flame monitoring system algorithms is currently ongoing.
The final design of the Organic Rankine Cycle for TÜPRAS Izmit refinery (Turkey) is completed and the manufacturing works will start in the next few months.

BAMBOO project is making progress also on the flexibility side. The UPM’s Plattling (Germany) already designed its flexibility-dedicated strategies, while the rest of the demo-sites entered in their simulations and flexibility applications final phase.

In October, BAMBOO training programme will start. You can have the chance to discuss several up-to-date topics with our experts, such as decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries, technologies for e-flexibility, industrial heat recovery systems, biomass logistics and low NOx burners, techno-economic and environmental analysis and lots more. The main targets are industry experts, universities and other stakeholders working in the energy transition. Training registration will be available soon on BAMBOO website and social media.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and let me invite you to follow our social networks and to keep an eye on the latest news from the world of BAMBOO.

Enjoy your reading!

Jorge Arroyo Villanueva
BAMBOO coordinator – Fundacion CIRCE

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