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The last time we updated, the demo-sites were about to be implemented and the virtual modelling to feed decision support system tool for flexibility management was starting.

Newsletter - 02 Feb 2021

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Dear reader,

The past months have been difficult and challenging and I hope that you and your beloved ones stay healthy! Despite the difficulties experienced, we didn’t stay idle, of course!

Our last months were mostly focused on developing the last steps to manufacture the prototypes to be commissioned in the demo sites, including activities such as the concretion of final designs, components purchasing and detailed engineering for their integration in the plants. The engineering activities for the Organic Rankine Cycle to be demonstrated in TÜPRAS Izmit refinery (Turkey) have continued and are expected to be finalised in the following months; and the components for the high-temperature heat pump planned to be installed in ArcelorMittal plant in Avilés (Spain) have been purchased and are ready for the manufacturing of the prototype.

Regarding the developments related to combustion and alternative fuels, the engineering of the combustion monitoring system, to be installed at Arcelor Mittal facilities, was finalized and camera installation has started. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations have led to the final design of a Low NOx burner for an existing kiln in the partner Grecian Magnesite in Yerakini (Greece) and the commission of the burner is being developed. Also, a wide simulation campaign has been carried out to characterize the fuel flexibility potential in the operation of ArcelorMittal furnace, Grecian Magnesite rotatory kiln and UPM’s Plattling (Germany) fluidized bed when introducing, respectively, process gas, biomass and sludge as alternative fuels.

In the last months, partners have also been working in the development of different tools to analyse the flexibility potentials related to heat recovery, electricity flexibility and by-product valorisation and to be used as decision-making instruments. Finally, the potential needs of the different demo sites for developing forecasting models related to prices of energy have been investigated too.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and invite you to follow our social networks and to take a closer look at the latest news from the world of BAMBOO.

Enjoy your reading!

Cristina Gonzalo Tirado
BAMBOO coordinator – Fundacion CIRCE

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