Flexibility, energy efficiency and waste recovery: the BAMBOO project seeks new approaches to industrial production processes

A new European project aiming at resource and energy efficient manufacturing kicks off in Brussels.

Press release - 30 Dec 2018

Drawing on the cutting-edge expertise of 19 partners from 8 countries, the BAMBOO project is co-funded by the EU and led by Fundación CIRCE. The project kicked-off in Brussels, at beginning of September 2018 and will end on March 2021.

BAMBOO’s overall purpose is to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions for efficiency in the use of resources and renewable energy within manufacturing, especially Resource Energy Intensive Industries (REII). BAMBOO technologies will focus on three main innovation pillars: waste heat recovery, electrical flexibility and waste streams valorisation.

Using extensive knowledge from production processes, energy simulation, resource planning and energy storage, the consortium will develop:

  • emerging technologies to improve the flexibility in industrial processes and the energy efficiency by enhancing the use of renewable energy and energy storage
  • a Decision Support System tool to manage flexibility at industrial level to help industries dealing with different energy and materials streams. This will help in collecting data, forecast boundary conditions and facilitate the participation in a future European energy market
  • and integrate technologies for the valorisation of waste streams based on the three main pillars to improve a more sustainable consumption of energy and the recovery and reuse of by-products within the plants.


BAMBOO partners at the kick-off meeting

BAMBOO solutions will be trialled and validated under real conditions within four intensive industries, namely steel, petrochemical, minerals and pulp and paper. The technologies will be demonstrated in four different manufacturing settings: Arcelor Mittal in Spain (steel), Tupras in Turkey (petrochemical), Grecian Magnesite in Greece (Minerals) and UPM in Germany (pulp and paper).

Within this framework, BAMBOO moves towards a lower carbon manufacturing and higher flexible and conscious industries. BAMBOO will empower intensive industries to take better decisions to become more competitive in the use of natural resources in a broader context.


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