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Newsletter - 23 Nov 2022

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Dear reader,

It is time for new updates from BAMBOO.

The project is facing its last months and the partners are working on the obtention, analysis and dissemination of the demonstration results.

In the first pillar of the project, waste heat recovery, the experimental tests of the High-Temperature Heat Pump in the steel sector have started. The first results are expected for the coming weeks. In the case of the petrochemical sector, the lessons learned about the implementation of the ORC in this sector have been gathered in an interesting deliverable which will be opened to the general public.

In the second pillar, electrical flexibility, three different scenario cases for the integration of a paper plant in the German grid are being analysed. The dissemination of these results will be carried out during the last months of the project.

The third pillar of the project, based on waste stream recovery, included the development of a low NOx burner for the mineral sector and the development of a flame monitoring system for a steel furnace. The first demo is finished and great achievements in efficiency and emissions reduction were obtained. For flame monitoring, several machine learning models are being tested on the videos acquired during a wide experimental campaign. The accuracy of the models for some combustion parameters is expected to be close to 100%.

For all the technologies, the Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost are being developed in order to evaluate their environmental and economic impacts.

Our last articles explored the mineral and paper industries to learn how these sectors are mitigating carbon emissions by enhancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of their downstream operations. BAMBOO has also been featured in the magazine Insight.

BAMBOO is also publishing scientific papers to showcase the results achieved. The newest is about colour images to analyse Blast Furnace Gas combustion and its application to the steel industry. You can visit our website and download the papers, as well as the public deliverables.

One last big news: the whole month of November will be the #BAMBOOIndustryMonth. Every Wednesday, from 3 to 4.30 pm, there will be a webinar dedicated to one technology developed by the project. The extensive programme and registration links are available on our website and in this newsletter.

Enjoy your reading!

Jorge Arroyo Villanueva
BAMBOO coordinator – Fundacion CIRCE

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