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paper & pulp

Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing Process Off-gas and waste use. The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It is a complex one with many different kinds of mills, products and processes.

The pulp and paper industry is a large and growing portion of the world’s economy. It also one of the so-called heavy industries, with intensive greenhouse-gas emissions.


The papermaking process is also intensive in terms of water and energy use. One of the by-products of pulp and paper mills is bio-sludge, which has a high valorisation potential, due to its organic composition. Paper mills usually generate energy on-site in combined heat and power plants (CHP), relying mostly on fossil fuels to cover the high demand for electricity and heat.


The Paper and Pulp demonstration will take place at UPM plant, in Germany. The main waste stream tackled in BAMBOO is bio-sludge. A virtual demonstration of a drying equipment for bio-sludge will be carried out, with the aim of reducing the volume of disposed bio-sludge and valorising it as a fuel through pelletization. The main focus at UPM demo-site will be the development of a virtual seasonal battery case for the local grid, by integrating excess of renewable energy available in the local grid and contributing consequently to grid stability. The specific objectives are:


  •  To test, adapt and validate electricity and heat flexibility, aligned with regional electricity supply
  • To evaluate potentials to increase flexibility levels through sector coupling
  • To set up a production site optimization tool, aligned with the forecasted/actual renewable power generation and grid demand


“No matter what your business, sustainability is your business. It’s not just an image issue – it’s a business fundamental that must be part of every company culture and practiced daily in today’s new business era.” UPM.