EUSEW21: Energy Talks

A chat to find out how the industry can step towards a greener path

October 27th, 2021,15:30-16:00

On Wednesday 27th October from 3.30 to 4 pm CEST, meet Alessandro Carmona (Fundaciòn CIRCE) to discuss “Decarbonization of Resouce and Energy Intensive Industries (REIIs) as a driver for sustainability“. The chat will be hosted by the EUSEW21 edition, you can REGISTER HERE (no need to register to the specific sessions).

The main purpose of this session is to address different solutions that REIIs can implement to achieve a more sustainable energy framework thanks to the experience of three H2020 projects: BAMBOO, RETROFEED and RE4INDUSTRY.

These projects might facilitate a smooth and secure transition contributing to a reduction of GHGs emissions, valorisation of waste streams, adoption of new sustainable innovations in their processes and facilities, integration of alternative feedstocks, the inclusion of circular economy approaches, and the deployment of renewable energies.

Moreover, the talk will present not only the role of the research centres for finding greener solutions to achieve the energy transition but also real experiences of REIIs tested and validated in industrial plants. The Energy Talk will open with a short presentation, containing two in-live polls, (before and after the speech). Finally, a Q&A roundtable will allow the audience and the speaker to interact, ensuring engagement as well as collecting ideas during the session.

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